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Chevy Spark EV Unveiled at New Delhi Auto Show


GM (General Motors) introduced the electric Spark, which will be India’s first 4-door electric vehicle. Hyundai has also unveiled the electric version of its i10 model, but for sure it will be more expensive than the e-Spark.

The electric Spark will be equipped with consumer-friendly features and will be powered by the RECC EV powertrain. It will be equiped with an automatic transmission, making it easier to drive within the city.

The motor will provide 100% torque when pressing the accelerator pedal, as all electric motors do. It will also have Regular Drive Mode and Boost Mode and it will be equiped with proper safety features.

It is expected that the economy rate for this car to be impressive. The regenerative braking system charges the batteries every time the brakes are applied. The e-Spark will be launched in India, after testing, and after all the necessary arrangements will be done.

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