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Chevy Spark EV Torques Like a Ferrari, Says GM Ad

Chevy Spark EV - Powered by Electricity
Chevy Spark EV – Powered by Electricity

Pros and Cons. Electric Vehicles versus Conventional Vehicles. Power versus Fuel Economy. Ferrari 458 Italia vs Chevy Spark EV?

Who in their right mind would compare a Ferrari to a Chevy? Looking at the performance numbers, Chevy Spark EV marketing took it right to the top of the charts with a Ferrari 458 Italia [and a Van de Graff generator?]


I actually wish they’d shown the Chevy Spark EV taking on a Ferrari 458 Italia instead of a lightning bolt, but I’m sure someone will post something on YouTube along those lines, soon. Still, that race might not be so impressive, considering the 0-60mph time that the Italia boasts, just 3s to the Spark EV’s 7.6s.

Still, for under $20,000 after incentives, you’re getting a lot more in the fun-to-drive department than something like its sister Spark with a conventional powertrain, generating just 83lb•ft of torque. The Chevy Spark EV generates better than 4x the torque, and at 400lb•ft ranks higher, by just a hair, than the Ferrari 458 Italia’s 398lb•ft.

Some interesting numbers to take note of:

Chevy Spark EV Ferrari 458 Italia Tesla Model S 85kWh Performance
Price $27,000.00 $230,000.00 $95,000.00
Power 130hp/97kW 562hp/419kW 310kW
Torque 400lb•ft 398lb•ft 443lb•ft
0-60 7.6s 3s 4.2s
MPGe 119MPGe 14MPG 89MPGe

Conclusion: The Chevy Spark EV could be the most fun you can have in a car under $30,000. It might not turn as many heads as the Ferrari or the Tesla, but then, you can bank a lot more dough buying the Chevy, and maybe you can take a nice vacation. If Chevy gets on the ball with some sort of supercharger option, you can take the car on vacation, too.

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