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“The Climate Declaration” Unites Leading Companies Against Climate Change


2413_webLeading corporate U.S. companies released the Climate Declaration, a public statement, which urges policy makers in the country to take immediate actions against climate change.  GM, Nike, Intel, Starbucks, Unilever, eBay, Swiss Re, and The Weather Channel among others, have joined forces in lobbying for climate action.

It might all sound too familiar, as in 2007 and then again in 2011, companies and NGOs across the U.S. and Europe called for introduction of carbon taxes and insisted that governments finalize the international climate negotiations.  But the main difference now is that more companies than ever before realize the benefit of climate actions. Saving money, increasing efficiency and stimulating innovation are just a few of the benefits for the economy, which climate actions might bring.

In addition, many corporate leaders are convinced that the risk is now and not in 100 years. As stated in the report from the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2013, increase in greenhouse gas emissions is one of the main causes for instability of the economy. Governments are about to start setting strict regulations on emissions, and companies should get involved now, and not wait for policies to be imposed on them.

Considering that these leading companies lobby for clean economy, their large social and employee networks might just give governments the push to start implementing policies, putting prices on carbon emissions, subsidizing clean energy,  and encouraging investments in green economy practices.

Unfortunately, there is still quite a number of large influential companies and groups, mainly in the fossil fuel industry, who benefit enormously from the prolonged negotiations and discussions that lead to maintaining the current situation. Let’s hope that the Climate Declaration, and the aggressive corporate initiative will finally encourage policy makers to take immediate actions towards successful climate change mitigation.

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