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China’s Future “Great City” to be Eco-Friendly and Completely Sustainable


China, not a country to do anything on a small scale, is planning to begin an 8-year-long construction project on the Chengdu Tianfu District “Great City.” The city is envisioned as a model for high density urban living while employing sustainable development practices.

Approximately 30,000 families or 80,000 people will live in Great City within a 1.3 square kilometer area. In stark contrast with other similarly populated developments, China’s ultimate goal for the city is to decrease energy use by 48%, lessen water consumption by 56%, reduce carbon dioxide generation by 60%, and reduce landfill waste by 89%.

Architecture firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture envisioned and designed the city to be entirely walkable, with all locations reachable within 15 minutes. While car-free, mass transit will be available in the city’s surrounding areas.

Of the allocated 3 square kilometers for Great City, 320 acres are dedicated for urban development and 480 acres will reserved as a buffer landscape, preserving the typography and intentionally integrating natural elements, such as valleys and bodies of water, into the design. Parks will account for 15% of the landscaped space, and 60% will be reserved for construction. General infrastructure elements will account for 25% of the space.

Residents of Great City will want for nothing. In addition to living in an eco-friendly, sustainable city, citizens will be able to take advantage of Great City’s commercial, business, manufacturing, and residential centers and the medical campus.

[via CleanTechnica]

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