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Chinese EV Start-ups Starting to Emerge


Jia Yueting revealed his company, Letv, was entering the EV market.Chinese electric vehicle start-ups are looking to disrupt the market, and fast. Carmakers are surprisingly slow when it comes to electric cars.

Whether it’s offering only one model, or producing hybrids, there is not much choice for a fully electric vehicle. In 2016, though, that could change, as a new wave of Chinese automakers are set to show their products.

In California, a company called Faraday Future has been teasing at its work, presenting itself as “100 percent electric, zero-emission, fully-connected and personalized in ways you’ve never even considered possible” on its website. It also said it was launching in 2017. Talent from across the auto industry was hired, including Tesla and BMW.

Concurrently, Jia Yueting revealed his company, the China-based Letv, was working on a vehicle. It was recently revealed that the Letv project and Faraday Future are one. The Faraday Future vehicle is set to show at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2016.

Another company, NextEV, is also in the Chinese electric vehicle game, but less is known. Initially established for the A1 Grand Prix, NextEV is now in Formula E, the all-electric open-wheel series. NextEV is also powered by former auto industry figures, namely the former president of Ford Europe.

Both Faraday Future and NextEV are teasing a different ownership model, on top of high-tech features, which could further disrupt the auto market.

Youxia, another firm, is a little bit further ahead – they’ve already shown their all-electric vehicle, the Ranger X. Sales won’t likely start until 2017. However, the firm has garnered a lot of attention, mostly regarding design – it looks extremely similar to a Tesla Model S – and whether or not the firm has the resources required to bring the car into market.

Regardless of what happens, the Chinese electric vehicle market will be a large influence in the global market for cars come 2016.

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