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Mercedes Taking Next Step in EV Production


Mercedes' EV concept is looking at a new platform to use.Mercedes is trying to speed up its entry into the electric vehicle market. It has been reported that the carmaker is possibly developing a platform to underpin four future models of Mercedes electric vehicles.

Called EVA, it will share similarities with the current MRA structure that is the basis of vehicles from the C- to S-Class. It could be an adaptation of the MRA structure in order to allow for electric vehicle-specific infrastructure. For example, the platform is reported to be designed to support a huge battery pack, which would be over 880 pounds.

The aforementioned battery would power one or two electric motors. The rear-wheel drive versions will possibly have an electric motor with 402 horsepower. All-wheel drive models will come with an electric motor that could produce either 120 or 201 horsepower. In addition to this, the Mercedes electric vehicles would possibly include adaptive suspension, torque vectoring, and a system to recover energy.

The first model to use this platform would possibly be available in 2018. It could be a sedan that, within Mercedes’ product assortment, would be between the C- and E-Class. It would then be followed by a crossover vehicle to bridge the space between the GLC and GLE. Farther in the future, Mercedes could also release an S-Class type electric vehicle, and a crossover larger than the GLS.

With other automobile manufacturers like Porsche and Audi looking to release electric vehicles by 2018 as well, it’s no wonder that Mercedes is looking to keep pace. In the next few years, we can look forward to different options, including Mercedes electric vehicles, to suit our needs.

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