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Chinese Oil Company Cleaned Up 1,500 Metric Tons of Spilled Crude


Maybe this is not the typical alternative energy article we’ve gotten you used to, but it may look like BP could use some Chinese people in their fishing boats to clean up the spill.

Around 8,000 workers and hundreds of fishing boats just cleaned up an oil spill in Dalian, a major port in China. Nine days ago, a pipe leaked 1,500 metric tons of crude into the sea at Dalian.

“By 6 p.m. (6 a.m. ET) yesterday, the oil spill has been all removed and the slick has basically been cleaned…the contamination has not spread to international waters or the Bohai Sea,” the official Dalian Daily cited government officials as saying on Monday.

Maybe it’s not the case here, because BP’s spill is so much larger than this one, but because they fall short on cash for cleaning operations, workforce from China could be welcome.

[via Reuters]

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