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How to Clean Your House Using Only Natural Products


200115903-001If your New Years’s resolution is to go that little bit greener in the coming twelve months, but you don’t know where to start, here is a suggestion. Forget about toxic cleaners and detergents, opt for natural food products that can remove any type of dirt.

There are many reason for one to hate all these cleaning products. Strange smells, contents full of toxic chemicals, polluting plastic bottles, and these are really just a few of the terrible properties. Yes, indeed they do work, but eliminating one problem (in this case dirt) by creating one thousand others is really not the best solution, especially when there is a much simpler, much more health- and eco-friendly one.

With just a bit more information on what we have around, we can easily find natural substitutes for all these chemicals, reduce environmental pollution, do not expose our skin and respiratory system to toxic substances, and generally feel much better about the good we do.

Here is a list of five super effective products that can be found in anyone’s fridge, cupboard or a pantry, but there are many more.

1. Baking Soda

Besides being the most crucial ingredient in the super yummy soda bread, baking soda has some additional uses that can really save the day. It can remove stains from silver (just as effective as banana peel, by the way) and it can take away unpleasant smells of carpets.

2. Coca Cola

You are probably familiar with the ability of Coca Cola to remove rust from metal. I think this became extremely popular after the Myth Busters did a whole experiment on it. But it seems the guys from the super popular program on the Discovery channel did not stop at removing rust. They also tested the myth about the fizzy caramel-y drink being able to clean your toilet. No surprise here, it really can remove bowl stains, and it gives a very refreshing smell.

3. Walnuts

As soon as read about this, I had to pick a piece of walnut and try the technique on our wooden kitchen table because I genuinely did not believe it. Walnut actually does remove scratches on wooden furniture. All you need to do is pick a piece of the nut and rub it along the scratch. Run your finger over it so that the oils can sink in, leave it for 5 minutes and then go over it with soft cloth. Try it, it really works!

4. Vinegar

Vinegar is by far the best cleaning agent for your windows and mirrors. Just add a bit to hot water, put the mix in a spray bottle and use as any other window cleaner. Some people say that if you use newspapers instead of a rag the result is even better.

5. Salt

This trick I know from my grandmother, who is (bless her) probably the second clumsiest person I know after myself. If you happen to spill something oily or red wine on your table cloth, or your brand new super fancy dinner outfit, quickly rub salt all over the stain. Not only that it is done and tested, but also it is actually scientifically proven.


I selected these five, as I have tried them myself and I know they work. If you have experience with other products, please feel free to share with us.

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