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Climate Change Deniers Manipulate Leaked IPCC Report to Downplay Human Involvement in Climate Change


Climate_ChangeOn his blog Stop Green Suicide, blogger Alec Rawls prematurely published the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) fifth assessment report. The report was in draft form and was still being peer reviewed.

The draft noted that there is definite and consistent evidence that an observable net energy uptake of the earth system is caused by human activities. These human activities are directly responsible for the increasing CO2 concentrations.

The IPCC feels that the leak of the draft report, combined with sections taken out of context, is allowing climate change deniers to cast doubt on both the validity of the report and the issue as a whole.

Professor Steve Sherwood, the Co-Director of the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales believes observation of how the report has been blogged is evidence of just how deeply climate change deniers are disavowing scientific data. He is concerned this denial and spin will be echoed by high profile influential blogs which will further disseminate misinformation.

Sherwood is disappointed by the situation and finds the leak of a draft report by a scientist who signed a non-disclosure statement a very dishonorable thing, but he finds the way climate change deniers have taken the information and twisted it to downplay human involvement in climate change even more troubling.

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