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Using Climate Change as Tool to Win Political Power


climate-change-flooding-oveA new survey conducted just before the elections in November last year in the US indicated that politicians, who do not acknowledge climate change, significantly limit their chances of winning.

A Yale Project on Climate Change Communication showed that public opinion has moved towards supporting climate change preventing actions.

In November, the political groups which expressed their strongest concern towards the effects of global warming were the Democrats and Independents, who had the clear majority of voters- 58%. They were closely followed by the Republicans with 52% of their supporters saying that global warming should be a priority for the President and Congress.

Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale project, explained that the team used a series of questions, which were asked over a period of time, with approximately 1,000 random people taking part in the poll.

The results clearly show that a very limited few of the voters, or around 3% of the Independents, and 9% of the Republicans do not believe climate change is happening. In comparison, 43% of the Independents and 24% of the Republicans would definitely cast their vote based on the issue, and the remaining are unsure.

According to Governor Jay Inslee of Washington, who expressed a very clear view in support of climate change policies, climate change does not only affect species, but it damages business opportunities as well.

Mark McCaffrey, who works on climate change policy matters for the Nation Center for Science Education, is concerned that the main point here is that people still lack knowledge and understanding of the problem.

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