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Climate Change to Kill 100 Million People by 2030


It is projected that by 2030, climate change and the carbon crisis will take the lives of more than 100 million people and will generate a loss of 11%, on the average,  in global gross domestic production, with the world’s poorest nations to suffer most for their vulnerability on drought, water shortages, crop failure, poverty, and diseases.

DARA, formerly Development Assistance Research Associates, an internationally acclaimed humanitarian organization in Geneva, Switzerland, was commissioned by the Climate Vulnerable Forum, a partnership of 20 developing countries threatened by climate change, to assess and publish a report on human and economic impact of climate change on 184 countries in 2010 and 2030.

The said report, released on September 26, calculated an estimate of five million deaths annually due to the consequences of combined climate and carbon crises.  Moreover, this rate is expected to increase to six million annually by 2030. Developing countries are mostly threatened as they are predicted to experience 90% of these deaths.

DARA has stated that the global economy is in fact already experiencing losses due to climate change consequences, as global temperatures have already increased by approximately 0.8oC, estimated at $1.2 trillion annually or 1.6% of its potential annual output. If global warming continues, this rate is projected to double by 2030, that is, 3.2% of global economy’s unrealized annual output will be lost. Despite the agreement of around 200 nations in limiting the average global temperature to below 2oC, climate scientists have advised the chance of achieving this abates not until greenhouse gases due to burning fuels are stopped from accruing.

[via reuters]

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