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1998 Volkswagen Scirocco Powered by Coffee Granules


Today, the auto field is dominated by vehicles running on electricity or other alternative sources of energy but there is a team from the BBC1 science program “Bang Goes the Theory” who believe that coffee too is a good fuel. They have converted a 1998 Volkswagen Scirocco to run coffee granules, reaching a top speed of 60mph.

Powered only by roasted coffee granules, the vehicle will be driven 210 miles between Manchester and London. The team want to show that cars could be powered by fuels other than conventional diesel and petrol. According to the team, the “Carpuccino” will do three miles per kilo of ground coffee, being equivalent of about 56 espressos per mile.

For this trip about “11,760 espressos” are needed  and the car’s coffee tank must be replenished with granules every 30 to 45 miles.

‘Coffee, like wood or coal, has some carbon content so you can use it as a fuel. The coffee needs to be very dry and in pellets to allow the air to move through the pile of coffee as it burns. The brand doesn’t matter.’ said Nick Watson, producer of Bang Goes The Theory.

To power their vehicle the team will use waste coffee grounds, collected from a branch of Costa Coffee. They also said that Scirocco does emit carbon, but it is considerably less than a car running on gasoline.

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  1. That is so cool. Just imagine every car in the world that runs on coffee or alternative fuel resources that will help save the world in the long run. Thank you for the interesting article. I hope there will be more alternative fuels resources coming out.

  2. How interesting. I never would have guessed that coffee could be used as a fuel source. It must not be be cost efficient considering it takes 56 espresso’s to travel a mile.


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