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To Combat Climate Change, We Should Cut Off Meat and Dairy, Study Says


cows-produce-404_685716cIf you did not believe that eating meat and dairy products worsens climate change, scientists from Chalmers  University of Technology in Sweden, can now prove it to you. In a study, just published in the journal Climatic Change, the team explains how agricultural emissions released during the process of meat and dairy production, can overtake those produced by the transport and energy sectors, as the global population continues to grow.

In anticipation of the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is probably being presented as we speak, researchers and various organizations keep speculating whether the world will be able to meet the limits that the UN have set. Of course, the most highly discussed topics are energy production and transport, which is understandable, since the two sectors are the ones currently holding the top spot on the pollution chart. But it seems another industry is slowly catching up with them, and it is very likely that it will only pick up speed in the coming years- that is the agricultural production.

The warning was issued by Fredrik Hedenus, Stefan Wirsenius, and Daniel Johansson, Swidish climate scientists. They estimated that the targets would never be met, if no one takes into account population rise, and the increase in consumption of meat and dairy that comes with it. Changes in technology and production methods are not something that could be done over night. Besides the technical difficulties, the agricultural sector is also very highly dependent on temperatures and climate, which only worsens the problem.

The scientists point out that the only way to reduce emissions is by limiting the global meat and dairy consumption. As it stands right now, beef and lamb alone, although contributing only 3% of the calories that a person takes, could soon account for as much as 50% of the total emissions generated by agriculture. The authors also emphasize on the fact that if we are to  combat climate change and meet those harsh but very needed targets, we should all pay more attention at what we eat and make the necessary changes today.

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  1. Garbage science is so destructive, if you have a predisposition to the out come of a study then you simply leave out the things that you don’t want to factor in. The corn the soybeans, the wheat etc, etc, all represent sequestered carbon prior to being used for live stock feed. When the products are used to feed animals including humans these animals represent sequestered carbon as long as they are alive. All life in it’s various forms on this planet produce greenhouse gases in one way or another. Termites produce tons and tons, well not exactly the bacteria in their digestive system does. The point is life produces greenhouse gases so it can be found that everything causes climate change. Besides the climate has been in a constant state of change since it began, the lie is that we have the ability and or where with all to control it. The truth is the climate change debate has little to do with the climate and more to do with money and power. The objective is to control people, what they eat what they wear what they drive how they vote and where the money and influence goes. Take for instance the carbon tax or carbon credits, the whole idea is based upon industrial nations who pollute more to pay less developed nations who pollute less. Companies who need credits (carbon credits) to continue their operation would have to purchase them from less polluting companies in order to stay in business. Now this may all sound good to some but what really happens is the planet suffers because it doesn’t stop the polluting of our world it just charges for it. So in boils down to those who can afford to pollute just keep on doing it. Where’s the advantage? The other result is the companies who can’t afford to buy carbon credits will just have to fold up and go away. So this leads to economic destruction for some but it em powers others who have positioned themselves to take advantage of the shift in power. When it all comes down to it you’ve changed nothing the climate will still change the world will still turn and all that will be accomplished is you will serve a new master who can justify anything in the name of climate change. How long will it be before they realize it’s people that are causing climate change and then it wont be “lets control them” but it will be “we must eliminate them” you are all on the path to destruction, and you will willing die in the name of climate change. Here’s my last point just exactly who are you saving it for? The planet I mean.  We have a man made water shortage in California because of a small fish that is probley destined for extinction anyway, but who will suffer? The people will. Lets get it through our heads we can not keep the world from turning, we can not halt climate change and those who are preaching we can are the ones spewing the hot air. People are and their activities are a NATURAL part of our world. We are not from Mars and not a plague to the planet.


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