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The COOLEST Cooler Makes Cocktails, Plays Music and More While Chilling


10359514_739200352811513_2543539139411153052_nThe past few decades have clearly been the years of great inventions, and it is now becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to come up with a brand new technology, which the world has not seen before. Now, however, the trend is slowly shifting from inventing to improving existing technology, and many are breaking new grounds by simply tweaking the old-time favorites, Google included.

Meet the COOLEST Cooler, the new and improved cooler that can play music, make you a cocktail, charge your phone, provide you with light, open bottles, store plates and glasses, while keeping your drinks nice and chilled.

The cooler, which, as the guy behind the project- Ryan Grepper refers to, is not only an improvement, it is a re-invention of the good old coolers. Besides looking extremely cool, and keeping extremely cool, the chilling box has a bunch of extras that can make your beach experience a very difficult one to forget.

It has an 18V NiMH battery that can last for full 8 hours and is rated for 3000Mah. It also comes with a removable waterproof bluetooth speaker, an usb charger, one LED lid light, a gear tie-down, a cooler divider/cutting board, easy rolling tires, bottle opener, and storage for plates and cutlery. Here is a short promo video.

The only thing that is missing, are the solar panels that can charge the battery, but for now, these are only part of the stretch goals (which are likely to be achieved a lot sooner than expected, read on to find out why). Initially, the COOLEST cooler went on Kickstarter last year, but he could not reach his goal. However, not all was lost, as this time Grepper actually sent notifications to everyone who backed him up last year, and told them to do it again if they still liked it.

After a few improvements, the COOLEST cooler went from a no-go technology, to a potentially Kickstarter record breaking item. With 45 days to go and a humble goal of $50,000, the cooler is currently on $4,689,609 and keeps going up. Still quite far off the $10 million record that was set y Pebble smart watch back in 2012, but I am certain that in more than a month, the cooler will be hard to beat.

If all goes to plan, the first buyers of the cooler will be able to have it delivered at home by February, 2015. I honestly see no reason for this not to happen, so if you’ve been hooked already, you do not have long to wait. In the mean time, you might follow the kickstarter campaign link here, and give a dollar or two towards the COOLEST Cooler. Let’s have a cool tech beat the smart tech for once.

Image (c) Coolest cooler

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