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Computer Simulation Reveals Global Warming Scenario for 2050


A piece of software written specially for running on home computers in a widely-distributed worldwide network has performed about 10,000 simulations regarding the climate change and found out that chances are equal that by 2050 the average temperature will raise by another 3 degrees Celsius or 1.4 degrees.

The results and conclusions have been presented in the journal Nature Geoscience by an UK research group led by Dr. Dan Rowlands from the University of Oxford’s Department of Physics. They showed that whatever the path the climate will take, the next 38 years will see the quickest warming ever experienced in relatively recent history.

“Perhaps the most ambitious effort to date, this work illustrates how the citizen science movement is making an important contribution to this field,” said Ben Booth of the Met Office Hadley Centre in the United Kingdom and one of the authors of the paper.

The computing history has seen distributed supercomputing strategies before. They had been applied to find evidence of extraterrestrial radio signals by processing what an array of antennas received from outer space. It had been named SETI, and found nothing that we know of.

Unlike the previous experiment, this one actually yields useful results and can give humanity a glimpse on how the environment will behave in response to the damage it caused.

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  1. You know me I just cant keep my mouth shut when people start predicting doom and gloom from climate change. Let me ask a question….what is the most adaptable spieces on the planet? Your answer should be man although you may have said frogs. This planet is an active planet which means that everything is subject to change based upon many factors. There are far to many inputs to the system to say with any certainty anything will happen as predicted. Lets face it the weatherman on TV cant get the forcast right 3 days in advance. But now we have a computer simulation that will predict the future 38 years in the future and tell us what it’s gona be like? Give me a break. God knows I love you people but your chasing your tails and making little progress. Can you not see the trees for the forest? Logic, simple observation, and the natural progression of thought will point out that the conclusions reached were not conclusions at all but goals to be achieved. I hope that most people know that computer programs simply supply an output based solely upon the inputs supplied to it. Let me burst your bubble here and now….you dont have enough inputs to your program to predict squat. I know that sounds harsh and callos but from where I stand the species hasn’t been around long enough to know much. Geologic changes happen on a grand scale both physical and temporal things are moving and changing constantly. Land masses are on the move, the moon is pulling away from the Earth, the axis of the Earth is reaching a 25,000 year peak, the galaxy is spinning etc, etc,. The best advise to give is to hang on and be prepared. We are not in control. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t think about the future or that we shouldn’t prepare for the worst because thats exactly what I’m saying. Can we be better stewards of our planet? Sure we can. Can we maintain the status quo as far as climate? Nope. Put it this way lets say man is adding to the problem of climate change. How long have we been adding to the problem? Some scientists say we have been since the introduction of agriculture. Primative man cleared the land to raise crops thus reducing the natural plant growth cycle thus adversely affecting the carbon cycle. Thats about 8000 years best guess. So now were gona fix it? The only way to take man out of the equation is for everybody to vacate the planet, point is who are you saving the planet for?


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