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DeltaStream: UK-Based Underwater Generator to Power 1000 Homes


tidal-energy-ltd-deltastream_vRf9E_69Cardiff-based Tidal Energy Ltd is planning to install its new tidal energy generator on the seabed, commencing a year-long trial to be held at Ramsey Sound, near St Davis. According to the company, the tidal generator, called DeltaStream, is able to generate enough electricity to power 1000 homes.

The unit has been invented by Pembrokeshire engineer Richard Ayre, featuring three generators mounted on a triangular frame and due to its floating crane it can easily be lowered and recovered from the seabed. The company claims its distinctive blade design enabled the turbine automatically to shed excess power, permitting consistently high energy conversion.

Chris Williams, development director of tidal energy, said a “comprehensive” environmental impact assessment had been undertaken. “The next public exhibition is to update the local community on the project, and particularly to discuss and explain the findings of the environmental assessments. Areas that have been assessed are far-reaching, ranging from bird life, to mammals, tourism and ecology. We invite anyone with an interest in the project to come along and talk with us about the details of the proposed 12-month test,” he said.

[Source: BBC]

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