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Nautricity's Device to Make Tidal Energy More Affordable

Tides are capable of producing electricity and are more predictable than wind or solar power. Just like wind turbines in the sea, they need to stand on very firm ground. All of that is known from the 60’s, but what researchers didn’t know was how to make that cost-effective, the main reason why development lagged behind.

Scotland to Have World's Largest Tidal Power Farm

The Scottish Government is about to approve the world’s largest tidal power project that will be built in the Sound of Islay. According to ScottishPower Renewables, the project is expected to cost about £40 million ($65 million) and will be capable of generating enough energy to power around 5,000 homes.

India Plans to Build Its First Commercial Tidal Power Plant

Atlantis Resources Co, a London-based marine energy developer, had the idea of building a tidal power plant with an initial capacity of 50 MW. Gujarat, an Indian state, has already made some plans for the installation of the first commercial tidal power plant in India. The project will be organized in partnership with Guajar Corporation Limited.