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Scotland to Have World's Largest Tidal Power Farm


The Scottish Government is about to approve the world’s largest tidal power project that will be built in the Sound of Islay.

According to ScottishPower Renewables, the project is expected to cost about £40 million ($65 million) and will be capable of generating enough energy to power around 5,000 homes.

The new 10 megawatt facility will be equipped with 10 underwater HS100 tidal turbines and will become the largest such operation ever undertaken, making Scotland to be positioned among the top leaders in marine energy.

“ScottishPower Renewables array will work in harmony with the environment and use the power of the tides in the Sound of Islay to generate enough green energy to power double the number of homes on Islay.

There is simply nothing like it consented anywhere else in the world,” said John Swinney, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable.

The Scottish Government’s goal is to obtain 80 percent of energy from renewables by 2020. The construction of this tidal power farm is expected to start in 2012 and will be ready by the end of 2020.

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