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World's Most Powerful Single-Rotor Tidal Turbine Connected To Scottish Grid


Scotland has recently installed the first grid-connected, commercial-scale tidal turbine, thus making great progresses in the marine energy industry.

Called 1MW AR1000, the tidal turbine has been installed by the international marine energy developer Atlantis Resources Corporation.

Currently, the AR1000 is the most powerful single-rotor tidal turbine in the world, rated to dispatch 1MW of predictable power at a water velocity of 2.65m/s.

Due to its 18m rotor diameter this giant tidal turbine becomes one of the largest ever built, weighing 1,500 tons and standing 22.5 meters high.

“It is wonderful to see this commercial-scale tidal turbine connect to the grid from Orkney waters. The marine energy industry in Scotland continues to gather pace and is working towards world-leading targets in terms of deployment and generation of renewable energy. My congratulations go to the entire team at Atlantis,” said Neil Kermode, Managing Director of the European Marine Energy Centre.

[via AzoCleantech]

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