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Volvo Japan and Dengyo Show 10kW Wireless Power Transmission System for EVs


A new wireless power transmission system has been put up by Nihon Dengyo Kosaku and Volvo Technology Japan. Unlike previous versions developed by Dengyo, this one is able to transmit 10 kilowatts of electricity through microwaves at a distance of 4 to 6 meters.

Although it is two times more powerful than what they’d already developed, the new wireless power transmission system is built using Dengyo’s “rectenna,” a device made by combining an antenna and a rectifier.

The rectenna converts microwaves into DC electricity, and this time it has an average efficiency of 84 percent at a working frequency of 2.45 GHz an, being described as “world’s highest output”: 3.2 kW/m².

Originally invented by Nikola Tesla a hundred years ago, wireless transmission systems have been touted as the #1 boosters in electric vehicle viability after batteries and hydrogen storage tanks. Electric utilities could rally to this idea and could eventually electrify highways with underground cables that could power cars on the go. This would lower the need for big, expensive batteries, which would in turn lower the electric car prices.

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