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Did the Chevy Bolt EV Concept Just Beat the Tesla Model 3?

Chevy Bolt EV Concept: Range 200+ Miles at $30,000
Chevy Bolt EV Concept: Range 200+ Miles at $30,000

General Motors has been teasing us with an upgraded Chevy Volt 2.0, and it could be this new electric vehicle, the Chevy Bolt EV concept, featuring a consumer-friendly price tag and exceptional range.

Did General Motors’ Chevy Bolt EV just beat Tesla Motors’ upcoming Tesla Model 3 to the punch? As we recall, Tesla Motors has been banking on building the Tesla Gigafactory to force down lithium-ion battery prices to produce an affordable electric vehicle. The upcoming Tesla Model 3 is supposed to be something around 20% smaller than the Tesla Model S, albeit not a Tesla Model S Mini, feature 200 miles range, and a price tag around $35,000.

Unveiled at 2015 NAIAS (North American International Auto Show), the Chevy Bolt EV concept features an upgraded electric-vehicle powertrain, building on the powertrain developed for the Chevy Volt, and extended-range electric vehicle, and the Chevy Spark EV, a battery electric vehicle. The Spark EV, of course, only features 82 miles of range, but can also charge on an LIII charging station in just 20 minutes. The new Chevy Bolt EV concept more than doubles this range, for only about $5,000 more, as seen when unveiled, at NAIAS, alongside the next-generation 2016 Chevy Volt (skip to 1:33 for the Chevy Bolt EV concept intro)


The introduction of an affordable long-range electric vehicle is important, not only for the company, but also for the environment at large. Electric vehicles, whether for their range or for their price, still sit on the sidelines when it comes to John Q Public’s transportation needs. The Chevy Bolt EV concept delivers both range, at 200 miles, and price, just $30,000, which makes it far more likely to make an impact on emissions generated by the personal transportation sector.

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