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DIY Low-tech Air Conditioning System From Terracotta Tubes and Water


A New Delhi architect has created a low-tech air conditioner using a material that has been around for millennia. Monish Siripurapu, the founder of Ant Studio has developed a system that uses terracotta tubes and water in order to cool the ambient air.

The system was initially created for a factory, however, it may be a cheap, green alternative to air conditioning systems worldwide.

Comprised of several terracotta tubes arranged in a spherical shape, and held together by a metal structure, device requires that water be poured (or pumped) over the clay parts. The liquid is absorbed by the clay, and then slowly evaporates, cooling the air (to around 6-10 degrees Fahrenheit).

Siripurapu’s project is proof of the fact that only, ancient materials and technologies still have a purpose in our modern society. Furthermore, using simple devices that are made from simple materials may be exactly what we need in order to put an end to the processes that artificially damage our environment.

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