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DIY: How to Build the Simplest Electric Motor in Your Kitchen (video)


Electric motors are definitely superior to internal combustion engines (ICEs). That’s a fact going to change the auto industry from the inside out once proper energy storage solutions are found to be both economically and technically viable.

Despite ICEs, electric motors are superior by their simplicity and durability, because they only have one moving part, while the simplest ICE has several hundreds. So, what’s the comparative chance of a defect to appear? You’ll say electric motors have complicated electronics behind them, and they can “fry” much more quickly and have a greater impact on the car’s safety than a broken piston could have, for example. It’s true, but electronics can be doubled, can have (and do actually have) backups, so when a circuit breaks, other circuit takes its place automatically before something desastruous can happen, and the user is instantly notified about this.

This video presents a trivial experiment your kid probably learns in the physics class. Its simplicity of concept is the one that should unrest our thoughts. You may even try it… in your kitchen.

Simplest Electric MotorClick here for another funny movie.

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  1. Simple! superb!! All the mxwell equations can be explained by this!!! wonderful for giving description regarding motor


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