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Drivr: Tesla Model S Meets Modern Taxi Market in Cincinnati


New competition for Uber and Lyft has popped up in Cincinnati where a new competitor called Drivr has begun to use modern electric Tesla cars in their taxi service.

This is generally good news for the development of renewable resources, as new technology seeps into other industries in public transportation.

Despite the beauty and newness of these cars as well as their recently developed technology, the two new business partners found that the mechanical sturdiness and energy efficiency of the Tesla cars made them very resource efficient as taxis.

Both partners are former part-time employees of Tesla, now having left the company. It’s hard to see how Tesla can or would object to this business, as the most likely result is that these two former Tesla employees, also Tesla enthusiasts, will become leading customers.

Tesla is one of the few car companies to hardly participate in marketing, as its customers have been its most valuable marketers, and its philosophy is to invest in product quality rather than in convincing people to buy their product.

This has generally worked out well for them aside from some negative press. That said, there is nothing to prevent Uber and Lyft from starting their own line of energy efficient cars, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the spread of energy efficient technology.

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