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E-bike Conversion Kit Monitors Heart Rate, Tells You When to Go Electric


91a5ecfa965dc0a4dce2694493e51f32_largeOpting for an e-bike is not always possible, especially when our physical condition prevents us from enjoying a pedal-powered two-wheeler. Thankfully, this should not be the case for much longer. Falco’s Fusion Sports Drive e-bike conversion kit measures heart rate and assesses how much e-help is actually needed.

If you have to make the choice between ditching your regular bike, for whatever reason that might be, and replacing it with a scooter, I’d say, at least consider converting it to an e-bike. Even if the scooter is all electric, meaning that if does not harm the environment, the health benefit of getting to pedal at least once in a while is much greater than not moving at all.

Of course, in many cases, concerns over health conditions prevent people from taking the risk of switching to electric mode when is already too late. Now, a new electric bike conversion kit offers to take care of this slight issue, letting the user take full advantage of what they own.

The new Fusion Sports Drive is a unique e-bike conversion kit, which comes with an electric hub motor to replace the regular bike wheel and a 50V 4000Wh Li-ion battery pack. However, unlike any ordinary e-bike system out there, Fusion Sports Drive also comes with a heart rate monitor, connected to the system via bluetooth, or ANT. Just like a stationary bike at the gym, it can tell you exactly how your heart is taking the physical activity and warn you when it is time to take it easy and switch to e-mode.

As the name suggest, the kit is designed to help people regulate their exercise regime and sport training sessions. It is even made robust enough to handle difficult terrains, such as mountain bike tracks. But I also see it as a brilliant tool that can enable elderly and people with physical disabilities to still enjoy biking, giving them peace of mind and telling them to switch modes when the movement is no longer healthy for them.

The product is made by Falco, a company that specializes in designing and building electric bike systems, and it is currently on Kickstarter, looking for supporters. The makers are still quite a long way away from reaching their target, so if you are interested, do not hesitate and back this project now. You have 25 days to go.

Image (c)  Falco

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