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E-Rider: World's First 2,000-Watt Electric Mountain Bike


Conway is a German bike-maker who has recently developed one of the most striking bikes ever seen. The electric mountain bike called “E-Rider” has been presented at the Eurobike 2010 exhibition in Germany.

Due to its 36-volt lithium-ion battery pack, rated at 626 watt-hours, E-Rider’s motor is able to generate up to 2,000 watts. Besides this,  the battery can recharge to 80 percent in only one hour and to 100 percent in three hours, offering a range of 110 kilometers.

The bicycle itself has also a dual crown spring fork and a 7020 aluminum frame. Both of them make the bicycle look very modern, with a unique design. Having a weight of 20 kgs, the E-Rider could help get bikers to their best performances and efficiency while riding.

[Source: Ecofriend/Gizmag]

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  1. Can someone do the real math here? I am not an expert in electricity, but if you have 626 watt hours this electric bike can run one hour if using 626 watts right? If use the whole strength of its 2000 w electric motor it can run only 20 minutes?! If have range of 110 km it means the bike and rider needs to go 300 km/h to achive 110 km range…

    • gjurovski 2kW peak power, yeah, but that’d be for hill climbing or hard acceleration, which most definitely would run down the battery in a short period of time, just like any electric vehicle. Cruising, on the other hand, the motor wouldn’t have to generate nearly that much power, so the 110km range would be possible.

      • bnjroo  
        Hey… Thanks for reply. I thing for the serious transportation needs no one needs more than 500 wats motor and 24V 15A battery. This bike here is not even legal in EU and probably if can go with speeds more than 25 km/h it is not bicycle anymore but scooter with pedals…

        • gjurovski bnjroo well, don’t forget that mountain biking would be somewhat different than cruising city streets. the 2kW, i’m sure, would come in handy when tackling steep inclines and rough terrain. a 2kW motor would be overkill on a city bike

        • bnjroo gjurovski  
          Well in that case (mountain climbing and playing) I totally agree with you.
          I am thinking about all this from the point of view that electric bicycle need to be a serious transportation vehicle and not an expensive toy…
          Very often I ask myself are this kind of projects are helping this cause or making it more difficult to implement on the global scale…

        • gjurovski bnjroo i guess the case could be made both ways. on the one hand, it seems like an expensive toy, but it does have that coolness factor that might stick better in the mind than other options. i guess the hope might be that the technology would trickle down into the more serious department.
          that’s the route that tesla motors is taking, starting with a single “cool” vehicle to get people to take notice of electric vehicles. the plan for the future is to release something that the rest of us can afford, and I’ll buy one, heh! [don’t get me wrong, i’m sure the tesla model s is totally serious, but between $60,000 and $120,000 is luxury car pricing]


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