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EcoBot III Cleans Sewage Water Powered by Human Waste


A robot that cleans human waste from wastewater was invented by a team of researchers from Wessex Water and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in England. The robot called EcoBot III contains microbial fuel cells and uses biomass to produce electricity, while removing the waste.

The robot is a real breakthrough in energy saving from wastewater treatment plants. As the director of innovation and research at Wessex Water states, such technology on larger scale could eliminate the need for electricity in sewage treatment plant facilities. The process could become self-sufficient and would reduce not only the costs but also the carbon footprint.

EcoBot III is very light and has the shape of a cake. Waste matter fully powers the robot, which consists of layers of microbial fuel cells, catchment trays and a hat-like feature to catch flies.

The functions of the robot go beyond wastewater treatment. It could be used in areas where electricity supply is very low, hence there is a need of an invention that runs on organic waste to supply power.

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