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Eerie Similarities Between Media’s Coverage of Climate Change and Iraq War


Iraq WarThe most recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) determined without a shadow of a doubt that human economic activity is responsible for global warming.

Even some of the largest insurance companies in the world have blamed huge losses on catastrophic weather events resulting from global warming. So why is the media’s reporting on climate change so inaccurate?

Some of the largest newspapers and media outlets in the world continue to perpetuate the fallacy that there is no cause for alarm and Arctic ice is actually “recovering.” When examined rationally, this is a preposterous statement since the Arctic has lost 40% of its ice cover since 1980 and ice extent is now lower than during several millennia preceding 1980.

The media’s gross negligence in disseminating misinformation about climate change is not unlike the coverage of the war in Iraq. The media reported that Iraq had a ballistic missile system that could send WMDs 700 miles away, there were 20 hidden weapon sites, and 9/11 hijackers met with Iraqi intelligence officers in Prague. Every one of these statements was presented as fact. Every single one was false.

So why on earth would we naively believe the media’s reporting on climate change is truthful and accurate? Why do we blindly accept this misinformation, take it as gospel, and live our lives according to these fallacies? We have enough data to demonstrate that the media, at the very least, distorts issues. The coverage of the Iraq War and the events leading up to it is a perfect example of how inaccurate reporting was responsible for garnering support of the war into which the country was blindly led. A war that caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and Iraqis.

We are all complicit in the media downplay of climate change. As the saying goes… “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

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