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On-Demand Hydrogen Production System for Commercial Use Released


On-demand hydrogen production has been a dream of both home-brewed experimenters and mainstream scientists. Hydrogen can fuel cars and generate electricity/heat through CHP systems for homes worldwide. Hydrogen has the advantage of the cleanest burning of all the elements. It only produces water as output.

eHydrogen Solutions, a company specialized in the development of on-demand hydrogen power stations, issued a press release announcing that they launched the “H2-Reactor Development Project”. The H2-Reactor uses water as the hydrogen source, is self-contained and has an alloy of aluminum or magnesium as the reactive material (to get the hydrogen out of the oxygen bond).

Of course, the resulted aluminum oxide (alumina) is 100% recyclable. The company intends to release their H2-Reactor product for high-volume hydrogen production environments, such as Industrial Heating and Power Generation.

They have recently announced the integration of their H-Solaris technology development, utilizing solar energy as the main power source for real-time hydrogen creation direct from water. The H-Solaris and H2-Reactor development projects, together with the company’s advanced electrolysis technologies, when integrated into a fuel cell, hydrogen powered generator and/or advanced battery storage, enable sufficient hydrogen production to power a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. This has important potential implications, since hydrogen can be economically produced on-site and does not need to be transported.

Running cars on hydrogen is also a big stake in the industry right now, so only the thought that you could one day fuel your car with aluminum and water is enthusiastic enough, but only knowing that aluminum can be recycled. I like to breathe fresh air, and any compromise that could do that for our cities is welcome.

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