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Electric Motorbike Zerotracer Takes 80 Days and $400 to Travel around the World


Zerotracer-Electric-MotorcycleThe electric motorbike, the Zerotracer, can definitely be called the most fuel efficient vehicle in the world. The Tobias Wülser design was able to travel around the world in 80 days, using only $400 worth of fuel. A product of an Aurau Academy of Art and Design thesis project, the Zerotracer was showcased in Abu Dhabi at the World Energy Summit, at the Swiss pavilion.

The motorbike is the second prototype in the series, and uses lithium-ion batteries utilizing a three-pin plug with enables them to be fully charged nearly 2000 times in only 2 hours, compared to a normal plug which would take about six hours per recharge. With each charge capable of powering the motorbike for 250 km, this means a maximum 20,000 km distance can be travelled each day for 25 years.

Featuring two retractable stabilizing tires together with a seatbelt and a water heater, the Zerotracer merges the comfort and safety of regular cars with a motorbike’s exciting aerodynamics. Included in the all-Swiss components are two seats and an electric engine produced by Brusa. The vehicle travels 100 km on 0.7 liters gasoline.

The Zerotracer was created specifically for world travel, according to Wülser. This he started at Geneva’s Zero Emission Race Competition in August 2010, stopping by at public places, such as a McDonald’s, who were only too eager to help recharge. Next up is a project to build the very first electric truck in the world.

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