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Electric Sports Car Achieves 150 mph on the Nürburgring Test Track


Nürburgring - Nordschleife [The North Loop]The world’s most famous test track, the Nürburgring in Germany, is also regarded as the world’s most difficult and demanding race track. Sports cars come here to race, to prove their performance characteristics, and sometimes crash while trying to do so.

Drivers on the the Nürburgring are the best in the world, and their vehicles have to be up to the challenge, including power, handling, and speed.

The 12-mile Nordschleife [north loop] is the ultimate performance test, and an electric vehicle [EV], recently achieved a top speed of nearly 150 mph. In a joint project with Siemens, French automaker Exagon Motors’ Furtive eGT electric sports car made a very impressive run on the track.

For the most part, EVs haven’t had a very sporting image, but Siemens and Exagon aim to change that with their new electric motor technology and sports car handling. The new motor is only 114 pounds, the lightest in existence, yet produces 125 kW power. Powered by two of these motors, the eGT produces over 335 hp with no noise and no emissions. Exagon plans on releasing a limited production run of the new electric sports car with the motors upgraded to 148 kW, or nearly 400 hp total output.

The new eGT sports car is expected to have an electric-only range of about 250 miles, and with the addition of a 6.6 gallon range extending generator, a la Chevy Volt or Fisker Karma, nearly 500 miles total range. The new sports car will accelerate from zero to sixty in under four seconds, but will have its speed electronically limited to 155 mph. Will the electric vehicle benefit from this new sexy image?

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