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Electric Volvo Available by 2019!


volvo-phv-rangeHigh-end carmaker Volvo has just announced in a press release that they plan to have a line of fully electric vehicles ready on the market by 2019. They plan to make a variety of their existing models compatible with plug-in hybrid technology, promising eco-friendly options across the company’s entire range. They expect electric vehicles to make up 10% of their total sales.

First, Volvo plans to release a plug-in hybrid version of their 90 series and 60 series larger vehicles. They have already begun that process with their T8 Twin Engine All-Wheel Drive plug-in hybrid option for the XC90 SUV, with the S90 sedan and other models in development coming up next.

Electric Volvos are unique since the Swedish company has designed their new vehicles to support both electric powertrain and hybrid configurations, distinguishing them from other car manufacturers.

Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Dr Peter Mertens, sounds excited about the future. “Our research has shown that people are driving our Twin Engine cars in electric mode around 50 per cent of the time, meaning our plug-in hybrids already offer a real alternative to conventional power train systems…With around 40 years of experience in the field of electrification, Volvo Cars has learned a lot about battery management along the way, delivering the best range per kilowatt hour in the industry. We have come to a point where the cost versus benefit calculation for electrification is now almost positive.”

That great quote demonstrates just how economically beneficial electrification is becoming for car companies.

Volvo’s new XC90 T8 TwinEngine plug-in is a full-size SUV that boasts a 2.0-liter, twin-charged four cylinder that can produce 400 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque. It gets a whopping 112 miles to the gallon, but can also travel 25 miles using just the battery.

Image (c) Volvo

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