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Renault Planning To Launch Performance Version of The Electric Zoe


Renault is still planning on releasing a competitive electric hatchback by 2013. The electric car will be a performance version of Renaul’s electric hatchback Zoe, which was unveiled at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

The new “Gordini“-like vehicle will most likely be powered by Nissan Leaf’s electric powertrain, the proud carrier of 134 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque.

These characteristics were slightly confirmed by the deputy director of Renault’s electric vehicle program, Matthieu Tenenbaum: “We have a higher-powered version of the car [Zoe] in mind for slightly later in its life cycle.”

Zoe will be launched in 2012, having Kangoo ZE’s 79 bhp electric powertrain. Tenenbaum added: “There would be little penalty in range when measured on the standard European driving cycle,” related to the performance-oriented car.

Although it would make it a little difficult for the buyers to decide upon the models, Renault stated: “We considered offering two versions of the car from the beginning, but thought it would over-complicate the buying process for early adopters.”

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