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Honda's Hybrid Models Facing Braking System Failure Claims, Fatal Accident Quoted


Honda has been faced with charges just like its compatriot, Toyota. The claims say that the acceleration pedal of Honda’s hybrid models doesn’t work properly and has even caused accidents, one including the death of the front seat occupant.

But it’s not new hybrids that face this claim, because the accident has happened back in 2005, when the driver of a brand new Honda Accord Hybrid had driven over some rumble strips on the side of a freeway and tried to brake. The car didn’t listen and instead of braking, it accelerated, entering into the oncoming traffic.

Other 22 accidents happened due to the brakes of Honda cars, especially when driving over uneven road surfaces.

Honda says the braking system on their hybrids is similar to the one installed on non-hybrids, so the issue should have also persisted on those models, too.

I wanted my next car to be a Honda, and I’m not convinced by these claims. Not that they’re fake, but if there was a general design issue, we would have heard by now. And I’m not into buying a hybrid right now, but rather some cleaner and cheaper diesel. I’m still waiting for the electric car…

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