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Elon Musk Interview: Supercharger Network Plans in Europe & More


elon-musk-model-xElon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has given us the privilege of answering our questions directly, again.

This time, I asked him about plans to expand the Supercharger network not only in Western European countries, but also in Eastern countries like Romania or Bulgaria. He also told us details on how the Supercharger does its thing so fast and well, without compromising the battery.

Elon wants the best for humanity, as you can read between the lines of the interview below, taken minutes ago. We, at The Green Optimistic, truly admire this man and what he does. He’s an example worth following by all entrepreneurs.

So, read on:

me: When will the Supercharger (and Tesla dealerships) be available in Eastern Europe, in countries like Romania or Bulgaria? Will there be Tesla-owned services in each of the countries where you install the charging infrastructure?

Elon: We will certainly sell cars throughout Europe long term, including in Romania and Bulgaria. Default plan is Tesla owned dealers and superchargers enabling travel anywhere in Europe, from Turkey to Norway!

me: Have you encountered the same (stupid) dealership laws in Europe, as it’s been the case in the U.S.?

Elon: No, European laws are much more reasonable.

me: Do you have any future plans regarding price cuts for Europe? What I mean is EUR is about 30% higher than USD and that means a 30% more expensive car to buy here.

Elon: Tesla US and EU profit is exactly the same, but in the US sales tax is added above purchase price whereas in Europe it is included.  We also incur higher costs for shipping and customs duties.  This all results in a price that seems 30% higher, but actually isn’t. Of course, there is always some movement of exchange rates that can make things a little better or worse over time. Long term, we will establish a factory in Europe, which should lower cost to the consumer by about 10%.

me: Does the Supercharger employ a charging strategy that minimizes battery wear (like pulsed charging)? We’ve been hearing of how lithium dendrites form and destroy batteries lately, and it’d be reassuring for our readers and your pontential first-time EV adopters to know this. I know battery faults are covered by warranty, but it’s still an important point.

Elon: Our Supercharger computer is in constant communication with the car’s battery computer and continuously adjusting the power input to ensure that the battery is able to take the maximum power rate without damage. They have to dance a tight tango to make this work, which is part of why it isn’t something that any random electric car can use. Supercharger use does not affect the warranty.

me:  If you put up a leasing scheme like the one in the U.S., you’ll make even more people happy.

Elon: We will.

Thanks again, Elon!

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, SolarCity and the co-founder of Paypal. He has recently been listed as one of the most 100 influential people on the planet – it’s an honor and a pleasure talking to him.

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  1. Martin eCars_bg OvidiuSandru everything’s possible. If Elon comes, I’ll be there 100%. I couldn’t go to Geneva, and would really want to interview this great man in person – I’m a big fan of everything he does.

  2. OvidiuSandru Martin eCars_bg Yeah, great interview that I missed for some reason back in May. Glad someone posted a link on our FB page today as told people Call Tesla (in response of Supercharger map not covering EE yet). Awesome, great to hear he said that and now we’ll have a point in Municjh. Are you coming to eCarTec Munich by the way?

  3. Martin eCars_bg well, Elon is the rare (rather unique) kind of billionaire who has an actual human mindset and realizes he started at the bottom to reach the top through his own forces and that his billions are not for showing off but for actually doing good things for humanity. Thanks for your appreciation.

  4. You gyus rock – thank you so much. To see you’re asking Elon about
    Bulgaria and Romania – this is what we’re passionate about – bring Tesla
    here. From all the http://eCars.bg
    community – THANK YOU! It’s such a surprise. We plan to talk to Tesla
    people at eCarTec Munich, but now we know they’re coming. Blogging to
    the nation right away 🙂


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