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Elon Musk’s New Teasing PR Strategy: “There are Things You Don’t Know About”

This is exactly how I envision Elon Musk's office.
This is exactly how I envision Elon Musk’s office.

We’re used to South African billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, letting the cat out of the bag, or at least letting us know there is a cat in the bag, ahead of the official announcements, but why does he have to tease us like this?

Elon Musk, said in a recent interview, “People have gotten used to us showing all of our cards. *pause for dramatic effect* We’re not currently showing all of our cards. Our capital expenditure and research and development numbers are better than they appear because there are things you don’t know about.” As a technology / automobile company, Tesla Motors, in spite of being publicly traded, is somewhat of an enigma when it comes to its finances, because it runs like an automobile company, but reports like a technology company. Because of this, there are a number of theories as to how much TSLA is really worth, and if investors should “know when to hold, know when to fold, know when to walk away, know when to run.” (Thank you, Mr. Rogers.)

Elon Musk apparently has an Ace up his sleeve, but damned if anyone knows what it is. Here’s the thing, Tesla Motors has been pouring R&D money into an as-yet-undisclosed project. We already know about the Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3, possible Tesla Roadster upgrades. And we can’t forget the multi-billion-dollar investment going into one or more Tesla Gigafactory locations, but what else is there? Who knows, is Mr. Musk shuffling money between other companies in his portfolio? We already know about SolarCity solar panels being backed up by Tesla Motors’ other battery products.

What about one of Elon Musk’s other ideas? Someone turn on the rumor mill, please? How about that hinted Tesla Motors pickup truck (Tesla Model T?) that he teased Texas legislators with? Is it possible that some pretty impressive resumes resulted in Tesla autonomous drive ahead of the competition? Maybe there’s something in a five-minute Tesla Supercharger (Ultracharger? ÜberCharger? FlashCharger?) that Mr. Straubel, Tesla Motors co-founder, mentioned was a possibility. Maybe it’s something completely different.

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  1. wombah0070 electric vehicles, apparently, were easier to implement earlier, i would say. fuel cell technology, from what i can tell, is about a decade behind rechargeable battery technology. think about it, the roadster came out in 2008, spawning an entirely new segment in the industry. hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are just getting started now, and i’m thinking they’ll develop along similar lines.

  2. Elon Musk should take heart. It’s not too late for him to change & endorse hydrogen technology. Toyota, Honda & Hyundai, to name but a few, have. It looks very much like they’re staking their future on it!

  3. With his backing battery powered cars & claiming hydrogen powered fuel cell technology is BS, clearly there are THINGS Mr. Musk doesn’t know about! At All!

  4. LoneWolffe Mick Segal I agree… Trying to “decmocratize” middle eastern and other country’s???  It needs to change and quickly.  It’s a combination of all of these things and then you throw in these ridiculous LOBBYISTS and Politicians who have no idea what is about to happen and you have a real problem domestically!!!  Are our govt. officials in the senate and congress really this blind?  YES they are!!!  Again…  I think the politician who can convey that taking OIL (in other country’s) is not the answer and that the new technology is the way to go will become a hero (President?).  Talk about creating jobs, clean the air ect… Wow!  Not saying we are going to replace all ICE’s with other tech just that we can really relieve the pressure and at the same time decrease the demand for oil (which may drop the price) and should give more disposable income for other things… ect… on and on and on…
    I believe that this is why we are seeing very clearly now increased activity with regards to the deployment of Fuel Cell Technology. I mean the DOE, Toyota, Linde, Air Products, Japanese Govt…. These are all heavy hitters and when they take a position it is usually because they have done their homework!  That’s what cracks me up about all of these fuel cell naysayers… Do you really think with these players and the extensive R&D they have all done along with the geo politics that it is not going to happen?  It’s happening as we speak and a lot quicker than was anticipated!  “Crude Awakening” YouTube just validates it.  Those people being interviewed are at the forefront and understand the facts…

  5. Mick Segal LoneWolffe Kinda makes me wonder how far the United States can stretch domestic fossil fuels to really gain energy independence. Instead of spending money to grab other people’s natural resources, the focus should be on spending money on technology to free us of fossil fuels altogether.

  6. LoneWolffe Mick Segal Pretty sobering look especially when you realize these people talking are very well ingrained and knowledgeable within the oil industry.  Fuel Cell Technology along with Electric Vehicles (somewhat) will be the saving grace (hopefully).  If you have noticed how fast things are moving towards FCV’s and Stationary Distributed Power it seems to validate just what those people are saying.  People are tired of seeing American kids being sent to some foreign land to SECURE OIL PIPELINES???  Especially when we have the tech to relieve some of the pressure.  And to think China, India are just getting started with auto’s ect…. ???  Fuel Cell Technology can solve a few of these problems at once…  The Politician who can convey this will be a hero… Save the oil for everything but transportation fuel.


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