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EMC Launches Affordable Electric Vehicle Based on Dacia Logan


The world’s first electric Pick-up, EMC (Electric Motor Cars), built on a Dacia Logan platform, brought to the U.S. by Envision Motor Co., has been presented by Des Moines Motors, an ex-Chrysler dealer.

Des Moines Motors, the company owned by the businessman Gene Gabus, presented the two-seated EMC electric pickup truck. He also said that they have another two models to launch on the same Renault platform: a break and a wagon version of the car.

Gabus also says that these electric cars are assembled in Romania, and that there are currenly only three pick-ups that have arrived on Friday (Feb. 5) in the U.S., followed by a wagon and a break model coming to Chicago next week.

The three models will soon be available for drive-test. They will reach the showrooms in about 45 days, and about 100 EVs will be ready soon and delivered to the U.S.

Electric Motor Cars pick-up will have a selling price of $33,950 in the U.S., and the wagon version will cost a $1,000 less, while the break model will be a little more expensive: $37,950.

EMC’s EVs are designed to have an autonomy of 420km per charge, which can be done in 2-3 hours in a 220V socket or in 8h from a 110V source. They will also come with three years warranty or 36,250 miles, and 100,000 miles battery warranty.

The EMCs are made on the same chassis as the gas-powered Dacia Logan, which is very successful in Europe.

Gabus also said that there important U.S. corporations are interested for these cars and he hopes that EMC is to be assembled somewhere in Florida soon.

Low-cost electric vehicles are a must for those who only dream about a Chevy Volt or a Tesla Roadster. Indeed, they are not to be compared with these cars, since they’re part of other classes (sport, luxurious), but Renault here makes a statement about what’s possible to be achieved with currently existing technology at a minimal price.

[source: Wallstreet.ro]

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  1. It’s refreshing to see electrical cars making their way into the small truck arena. In so many of the less developed parts of the world a pickup truck is a necessity. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a new trend.

  2. Fantastic progress. The sooner we modify all the work horses, pick up trucks, even the larger transport trucks to more efficient and clean fuel the benefits will be astounding. I am personally not convince that electric is the long term solution as the pressure will be on the electricity supply and I am informed that they may mean some control and usage allowances to enable the grid to cope with increased demand. It is also a concern that the fossil fuel is in reducing supply.


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