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First Recycled Rechargeable Batteries from Energizer


energizer-recharge-recycled-batteries-660x354Energizer’s new product line offers world’s first recycled rechargeable batteries.

Nowadays it is quite difficult to imagine our lives without batteries. They are everywhere, powering all of our electronic devices, cameras, remote controls, portable lights, and probably a thousand other things.

But batteries come with one big disadvantage- they are highly toxic to the environment if not disposed of properly. And even if they are recycled, typically only a tiny part of the old ones is reused, while producers keep making more and more new ones.

Energizer, one of the biggest in the sector, decided to put a stop to this. Their new line of batteries is something that both the company and their customers should be proud of. The Energizer Recharge are the first rechargeable batteries that are made from old recycled batteries.

Energizer Recharge batteries come in the the regular AA and AAA size, as well as C, D and 9V. They all have the same power capabilities as any other product made by the company. The difference here, however, is that they reduce waste and have a great positive impact on the environment.

When I first read about the product, my immediate thought was that Energizer uses only their old batteries to make the new ones. But, I was very wrong. Not only that the company recycles all sorts and brands of standard batteries, they even go as far as batteries from hybrid electric cars.

With this new line of products, the company is moving a lot closer to their target. They hope that in the coming decade, they will be able to achieve the whooping 40% use of recycled materials for their products.

The company is definitely making a step forward in the right direction. They are also setting quite an example for their competitors, showing them all that the environment does matter.

Image (c) Energizer

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