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Energy Saving Tips for the Winter Months


Winter Energy Saving TipsWant to save money, be safe, and be green this winter? Follow this easy checklist to keep winter at bay:

  • Keep flammable materials away from your furnace.
  • Make sure your pilot light is burning. If it’s not, follow the directions for relighting it.
  • Remove any dust or debris around the furnace and replace the filter when you can.
  • Have your furnace professional inspected annually and make sure they lubricate the blower motor with a non-detergent motor oil, remove the flame shield and check the burner for corrosion, and make sure it is venting properly.
  • Ensure furnace intakes and outputs are clear of debris.
  • Make sure all outdoor faucets are turned off.
  • Clean your gutters and your downspouts and check for wear and tear on the roof.
  • Get a programmable thermostat and set it according to the recommendations from ENERGY STAR.
  • Make sure heat registers are not blocked by moving rugs, furniture, etc.
  • Vacuum out dust in the registers.
  • Make sure your fire extinguisher is in good working order and is fully charged.
  • Inspect windows and doors for drafts and install window stripping when necessary. Add insulation to your attic walls, if need be.
  • Check your fireplace for creosote build-up and call in a chimney sweep to make sure your fireplace is safe.
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  1. Most of us want to know ways by which we can save money on heating costs and reduce energy bills in winters. The above mentioned advices if followed can surely help in reducing the electricity bills. Many of us made a mistake by heating empty homes; this is not the right decision. Instead use programmable thermostats in your home. Humidifiers are also popular in homes.
    All the electrical appliances in home should be purchased according to their energy ratings. Old refrigerators and many other electrical devices that are almost ten or more years old starts using more electricity, so it is better to buy new devices on time. Water heaters should be insulated and also remember to insulate the water pipes that are coming from your home water heater.
    Cracks in doors and windows can be filled with silicone or caulk tubes, this will not allow the warm air to expel and cold air to come inside. Weather stripping the windows is really effective. Turn of the lights when not in use and warm only those areas of your home, which you use.
    Close the doors and windows tightly of the unused rooms.  There are gaps in the walls at places where pipes, cables, gas lines etc enter inside your house, so these gaps should be fixed as soon as possible. Use energy efficient appliances in your home. We have purchased an electric heater for our new home this winters season from http://www.electricheaters.ie/ and it is cost effective too. Electric heating is preferred these days, in comparison to storage heating and panel heating as they need less maintenance, cost effective and easy to install.


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