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General Motors Meets the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry

ENERGY STAR Star - General Motors Dongyue Engine Plant Reduced Energy Impact by 45%
ENERGY STAR Star – General Motors Dongyue Engine Plant Reduced Energy Impact by 45%

The ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, run by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is an encouragement for corporations to improve efficiency and reduce their impact on the environment.

Part of the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry is to reduce energy intensity by 10% over five years, with multiple benefits to environment and industry. Of course, improving energy efficiency results in lower energy consumption. In turn, lower energy consumption is better for the bottom line, increasing profits. Even better, and far cheaper in the long run, is the reduction in emissions, which may help to minimize the impact of climate change, as well as reduce pollution of every kind.

General Motors is a world leader in its efforts to reduce energy intensity, improve recycling programs, and reduce emissions. All told, over 60 General Motors plants worldwide have met the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, more than any other organization in the world. Last year, the EPA awarded General Motors the 2014 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award, for its success in reducing energy impact to two years running.

Over the years, General Motors has invested millions of dollars to improve energy efficiency in its plants. Additionally, some plants are being outfitted to use alternative fuel sources, such as solar power and landfill gas. All told, these changes have resulted in the elimination of 158,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, in the last year alone. This year is also a special year, as four General Motors plants have met the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry for a second time since the program’s inception.

The General Motors Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant, for example, achieved a 24% reduction in energy intensity, and the Flint, Michigan, Metal Center reduced its energy intensity by 18%. Even more impressive, however, is General Motors’ success in energy efficiency in China, where the Jinqiao North Assembly Plant and Dongyue Engine Plant were able to reduce their energy impact by 43% and 45%, respectively.

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