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Earth Day 2014 Celebrated by Millions of Kids Around The World


LEGOLAND-Florida-solar-panels-537x357This year’s Earth Day will go down in history with the record number of efforts that various companies, manufacturers and corporations undertook in order to go green once and for all, starting on that day.

The cool news flooded the net, and covered the full range of topics, from Apple’s plans to save the environment all the way to nature selfies. Something that attracted immediate attention, however, was the incredible effort that many put into educating children and raising awareness among them. Here are some of the great initiatives.

Various events were organized and specifically directed towards the youngest among us. Children were actively involved in planting watermelon seeds at University of Memphis Campus School in Tennessee. Another interesting and highly entertaining event was organized by STAR Eco Station, where representatives of environmental agencies, exhibitors, celebrities and food vendors joined forces to educate children, and showed them why preserving the environment is very important, and all that done in a highly entertaining way. This ultimately resulted in one of the most exciting Children’s Earth Day ever.

Others took a different approach. At the particular one I am talking about, children were shown how to  have fun without adding even a molecule of extra carbon to the atmosphere. This happened in Florida, LEGOLAND to be exact, where the entire theme park was powered by renewables.  During the entire day, the park was off-grid and was powered by a brand new 30-kilowatt solar panel to help the already existing renewable energy technologies.

All in all, everyone’s efforts to make Earth Day memorable this year were amazing. The activities during the day were covered by pretty much every news site, and it seems everyone was concerned and tried that little bit harder to do something “green“. Let’s hope that we keep it up, and next year together we break records.

Image (c) LEGOLAND Florida

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