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What to Try on Earth's Day


If you didn’t find out already by typing “google.com”, today’s Earth day, my fellow readers! Enjoy this sunny, or maybe rainy or (I hope not) snowy day, and try to pollute as little as you can. Try to study about how people got into this game of planet destroying, try to understand why and what we do wrong.

Try to teach your children to ride electric bikes and cars (even toys), try to teach them respect for the nature, and be an example for them – after all, it’s you who they learn from. Don’t hesitate to condemn any form of abuse against our environment… don’t throw your papers and your chocolate package on the streets, or worse, in a forest.

In times of hunger, war and disaster, it is our duty to try and bring some help to the helpless people affected by them. Global warming and global dimming are now affecting us all. Who’s going to help us, if not ourselves? Help this world by doing everything like it should be done. And you know what should be done. It’s impossible not to hear about it everywhere in our days.

If the Holy Scripts didn’t tell you about pollution, that doesn’t mean pollution is not a moral issue. It is, because it affects people, who may die from your negligence (by “you” I mean you personally and you as a mass of people). You saw the power of one. You saw it many times. You can do it, you can save the planet, if you have a heart… for Earth’s sake!

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