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Toyota's "1/x" Hybrid Car Concept


The Japanese from Toyota want to make something that’s never been done before. They want to conceive a vehicle that has 1/3 the weight of a Prius, and 1/2 of its consumption. Let’s not talk about the carbon dioxide emissions.

The new prototype has been presented at the Detroit Auto Show this year. They want you to travel about 600 miles on a four gallon fuel tank. That is approximately 100mpg, something that has never been done before with fuel.

Inhabitat.com says: “The roof is transparent, heat and noise insulating, and made from a bio-plastic derived from kenaf and ramie plants. The seats of the vehicle are extremely light, yet, according to Toyota, quite comfortable. The entire front of the vehicle is clad in an LED lighting system that provides a soft glow, illuminating the entire front surface of the vehicle. And, due to the light weight of the vehicle, the 1/X’s wheels are smaller and thinner than those of a regular vehicle. They have even reduced the amount of water splashed by the tires when traveling on wet surface.”


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