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EnerSolar Street Lights: Solar Powered, Self-Contained LED Lighting Systems


Lighting the streets economically and efficiently is a major step forward for any city or village. Enertia Engineering Ltd, a company from Canada, has come up with the perfect solar-powered solution for street lighting by using LEDs.

As they state in a press release, there’s no need to install anything else besides a box, like batteries, solar panels or the lights themselves. Everything is self-contained and ready to be mounted on any lighting pole through by the use of an universal mount. One full charge lasts for three nights.

“We have come up with the ultimate lighting tool. Its reliable, easy-to-install, usable wherever there isn’t electricity, and simple.” Says Stuart Whitbread, the Sales Manager and a Principal of Enertia Engineering Ltd. Murray Steen, R&D Manager, says the technology is not suitable for temperate-climate countries, like Canada, but rather for tropical and sub-tropical locations, where there’s a lot of sun and temperatures aren’t very low.

It’s a nice idea, indeed suited for third-world countries from Africa and Asia, but the costs of solar panels and batteries should be prohibitive enough for those places. This is not the case where installing a grid is much more expensive. Then comes the issue of how long the batteries will last, how many charge/discharge cycles, etc. Still, if they come at an affordable price, all these could be overcome.

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