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HumanCar: The $15,500 Human/Electric Hybrid Vehicle Accepting Reservations


I like ideas that are intrinsically built to last – the bicycle is one of them – we still use bicycles, although they were invented in the 1860. The same goes with all pedal-powered or, generally speaking, human powered vehicles. Introducing the HumanCar.

As it was initially designed, the HumanCar is a 2 to 4 seats vehicle that is powered by moving your body back and forth and not by pedaling. The movement charges a battery than runs an electric motor.

The inventor, Professor Charles Samuel Greenwood, says the vehicle he intends to sell for $15,500 will even be compatible with V2G and will feature a plug-in interface, allowing the user to charge it from the grid. The professor is making $50 reservations for the HumanCar and ensures the enthusiasts that he will have a street legal, commercially available product by next year.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how the HumanCar goes. Greenwood also says that the car reaches 60mph and climbs hills with 30 mph. Nice.

[via autoblog/msn]

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