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Cheaper Tesla Model 3 Might be Unveiled in Early 2016


Tesla Model S doesn't NEED Consumer Reports' Recommendation. Tesla Model S Recommends Itself!The Model 3 will retail for just $35,000 dollars, far less money than any of their previous models or their new, advanced car, the Model X.

The new Tesla Model 3 should be unveiled by March of 2016.

Although Tesla has been known to delay new technologies and models of their electric vehicles, production of the cheaper Model S appears to be on schedule.

When dealing with sophisticated, cutting-edge technology, delays are to be expected and understood – when you’re the first person making something great like a more environmentally-friendly vehicle, there is no blueprint to follow with a step-by-step list of instructions. It can be impossible to guess how long things will take or what roadblocks will pop up along the way. That’s what makes Tesla’s adherence to their production schedule that much more impressive.

According to the company’s shareholder letter from 2015’s third quarter, Elon Musk and others at the company mention briefly that the company is “on track to unveil Model 3 in late March 2016” while explaining that the fourth quarter will see more affordable operations that indicate lessening Model X development expenses, but that expanding global sales, development, and capability of the Model 3 would offset the savings of slowing work on the Model X.

TechCrunch points out, however, that the company has only stated that the vehicles will be “unveiled” in March 2016, not released. While the design and development will be done by that point, production is not expected to begin until 2017.

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  1. Very misleading headline. As your last paragraph states, Tesla is planning to unveil the Model 3 in March, and the only aspect of it that will be available then is a down payment to reserve one, upon release in 2017 or 2018.


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