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Carbon Emissions From US Cars Dropping For The Sixth Consecutive Year, The EPA Says


Technology and the will to actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the US have led to the lowering of carbon dioxide that exits the tailpipes by 14 percent per mile over the last six years, while fuel economy has been improved by 16 percent.

These numbers have been cited by the EPA on Wednesday. The Environmental Protection Agency found that this is the sixth consecutive year with reduced carbon dioxide emission and fuel economy improvement.

Unlike the previous eight years, when fuel economy dropped and emissions plummeted, this period may also be influenced by the economic crisis and the market request for more fuel efficient cars (hence the drop in emissions).

For example, the average CO2 emissions fell by 64 grams per mile, reaching 395 grams per mile in the last six years, and the mileage improved by 3.1 miles per gallon to 22.5 mpg.

The drop in emissions could go on, of course, because as old trucks and passenger cars get older and retired, the new and subsidized electrics and hybrids can enter the market with an accelerated speed.

The government is also optimistic and expects 20 percent drop in carbon emissions by 2018 in trucks. That will surely happen, seeing the six-year trend.

[via reuters]

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