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US Energy Secretary Announces Green Technology Partnership With China


It was about time the US and China collaborated on anything but pollution… the reduction of pollution. The scientific partnership announcement has been made by the US Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Wednesday, launching one of the largest collaborations of this kind in the world.

“This is one of the largest research collaborations between two countries,” Chu said, pointing to the 150-million-dollar investment earmarked for the initiative over five years from private and public funding.

The two countries will share technologies affecting carbon capture and sequestration, electric vehicles and green buildings. No building will be built to host this, as researchers will continue their work and at the same time share their expertise with each other.

This initiative has been started by president Barack Obama, after an official visit to China a year ago. Since the US and China are the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters, the agreement seems natural.

I don’t want to upset anyone with this, but given the fact that most of the researchers working in the US (on green innovations and inventions) are Chinese at their origins (be them at Georgia Tech, CalTech or MIT), the collaboration seems even more naturally-flowing. An obvious example is Steven Chu himself.

So should we see any profitable businesses arising between the US and China in the green field and a reduction in CO2 emissions over the years, we’ll then know that the sharing of expertise will have done its job properly. And that should be to the benefit of the entire world, not only the two super-economies.

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  1. Dude, you are high if you think that most of the researchers working on green energy technologies in the US are Chinese or of Chinese origin. It wouldn’t upset anyone even if it was true, but your non-factual assertion is simply ludicrous and your one example unimpressive. Whereas it is important, even essential, for both major polluters to get their emitting houses in order let’s stick to verifiable facts and figures. And you know, $150 million dollars is chicken feed for any research considering the enormity of the problem. Sadly, the world has chosen to practically ignore this problem and let the “free” markets sort it all out. Any meager effort by politicians will fall a day late and a dollar short.


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