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MN103L: The Newest 32-Bit Microcomputer From Panasonic That Has Green Features


Panasonic has just announced a new type of 32-bit microcomputers specially built for saving power and for flexible designs. Their main achievement of Panasonic is a built-in flash memory, which is the biggest player in the power saving feature.

The circuit is to be used in car electronics, office equipment and household electrical appliances.

The new chip, named MN103L, can achieve very low power consumptions in stand-by mode and can reduce the need of an external EEPROM memory or an oscillator, which are all embedded. Moreover, their voltage can go from 2.2 V to 5.5 V, with a 50% reduced power consumption during their operation.

The MN103L integrates Panasonic’s newest 110 nm flash memory and the newly-developed 32-bit AM32L core microcomputers. They claim their product achieves about twice the electric power efficiency.

Cutting costs by integration and by lowering the power consumption of the electronic components we use daily goes in line with a serious CO2 reduction worldwide. Although their consumptions are sometimes insignificant in a single unit, if we think of the millions of such microchips that work every day in various electronics, there are definitely some serious numbers at stake.

The MN103L will enter the market starting next year’s January.

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