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Ettore- affordable, electric, folding bike on Kickstarter


02f9163d814e2a080bfd7ca2aabca5f6_originalEttore hits Kickstarter as the first affordable, fully electric, folding bike.

Commuting is not an easy business. Changing between different modes of transport is not only exhausting and unpleasant, but it can also be quite costly. Bicycles are usually a nice alternative to, let’s say, the buses from and to the first and final train stations.

Unfortunately, bringing a bike on the train, especially if it is rush hour, could be a very uncomfortable experience. What is more, in many places around the world, you  have to buy a “bicycle ticket” in order to have your two-wheeler on board. Last but not least, for many people, there is no appeal in biking super fast to the station, or from the station to work. The argument being that breathing heavy and having a sweaty shirt is not the best thing on a Monday morning.

There are solutions for these situations, of course. Firstly, you are often charged for your bike on a train, unless your bike is folding. If this is the case, you can simply pack it up, and carry it on board. Secondly, an electric bike can get you to work without a single drip of sweat. A combination of the two would be ideal, of course, and if it is affordable, then you have the complete package.

So, with no further ado, let me introduce Ettore. The first affordable, fully electric folding bike– the dream of every commuter.

Ettore has a rechargeable battery, which is also removable, for easier charging. It has the range of 35-miles. In addition, Ettore has a 250-watt motor, and it can be ridden in three different modes- fully electric, pedal assisted, and completely pedal powered. The modes can be selected via an LCD screen. There are also lights and even a horn.

Ettore is not only good, but it also looks good. It is sleek and sexy, yet very conventional. It is very easy to fold, water-resistant and it requires almost no maintenance. There is also a 2-year warranty for the battery and the bike.

The bike is currently gathering supporters on Kickstarter. For the early birds, it is available at a very attractive price of $699. The campaign closes in 22 days, so make sure you get your hands on one of these babies soon.

Shipping is scheduled for February.

Image (c) Ettore

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